Could the will of the individual really rule over the “tyranny” of the blood-kin even in those legal spheres where the individual is the king?

Wonderful discussions on queer wills and the future of the British principle of the “testamentary freedom” put on a test by a recent court ruling, the Ilott Case on the possibilities to disinherit one’s, estranged legal child.

We also discussed the topic of whether queer people have equal access to legal advice, in a very productive meeting between The Cambridge University Fellow in Law, Brian Sloan, a Cambridge-based Solicitor Sion Hudson (Miller Sands Solicitors), and the Academy Fellow Antu Sorainen from the Helsinki University on 21 September 2017 in Cambridge.

See Dr. Brian Sloan on the Ilott Case HERE, HERE and HERE.

A more general description of the case here. 

We are looking forward to continuing this cooperation!