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24.04.2016: Queer Seminar: Who Will Inherit the Cat - Do We Need Queer Wills?

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What does the inheritance system mean for queer people? Should they write wills, and if so, why? The seminar presents a recent study based on empirical data from England, Russia, Sweden, Hungary, Romania and Finland on queer care and support relations.

Dr. Antu Sorainen, Academy Research Fellow at the Academy of Finland, is an assistant professor in Gender Studies at the University of Helsinki. She has published widely on queer history and legal matters, such as lesbian trials and the contingencies of sexual conceptualisations in the criminal law. Her current research is about queer kinship, in particular in the context of will-writing and inheritance legislation.


22.02.2016: Why and how to study queer inheritance and will-writing? Birkbeck Research Blog

The analysis of the survey data and the 40 research interviews collected so far has just started. The initial findings suggest that friends often provide more support than relatives for queer people in life crises, such as ageing, divorce, unemployment, and housing or financial problems. It also seems obvious that queer families and relationships do not always fit in the rather narrow model of kinship presented in inheritance legislation in different countries.


14 November, 2015: VDNH-9: Experts in Sexuality: Scientific, Legal, Everyday, and Economic Conceptions of Sex

        European University at Saint Petersburg, Russia

Antu Sorainen, "Studies of legal structures are important because they form a new understanding of how the intimate economy of family and kinship structures is organized for homosexual citizens and/or partnerships."