Queer Seminar in the Stockholm University



Antu Sorainen presented the first survey results on queer wills and inheritance arrangements in the Stockholm University on the 25 of April of 2016. She was invited to give a talk on the Queer Seminar that celebrates their 20 year jubilee. su
During her talk, Antu presented the respondent numbers in different languages, with more than 50% of the answers in Finnish while there were only 56 respondents in Swedish.

Antu also discussed the methodological challenges of reaching anything that could be called “a representative sample” through a queer online survey.
Further, Antu highlighted the significance of queering also research ethics in surveys that may pose problematic to distribute widely enough to reach the target auditory.

Finally, she pointed out that creating a queer questionnaire that is not “mainstream” but still understandable across different sexual, lingual and legal cultures is a complex task since there exists no method book on how to do this.

The seminar participants agreed that methodological and ethical questions about online surveys concerning queer topics are very important and under-discussed. An idea of writing a roundtable or editing a special journal issue about how to do queer online surveys was raised.

We hope that this will come true and will keep you informed here on the project site!