Queer Brunch with Rosie Harding and Antu Sorainen!

When: 13 April at 12:00–13:00
Where: Gender Studies, University of Helsinki

Welcome to enjoy a Queer Academic Brunch!
During the brunch, Professor Rosie (Birmigham Law School) and Docent Antu Sorainen (HU) discuss new viewpoints about empirical studies on marginalised sexualities.

Their research-based discussion focuses on how to reach the target groups on LGBTQ topics.

The brunch guests are welcome to pose questions and express their views but it is not required.

A Light Vegan brunch is provided: herbal tea/organic coffee with fresh fruits and salty snack.

Place: Gender Studies Seminar Room, University of Helsinki (Topelia Building)

Speaker info:
* Rosie Harding, Professor of Law and Society, University of Birmigham – empirical socio-legal researcher with particular interests in law, sexuality and everyday life. She is the aurthor of Duties to Care: Dementia, Relationality and Law (Cambridge University Press, forthcoming, 2016) and Regulating Sexuality: Legal consciousness in lesbian and gay lives Routledge: London (2011, Winner of the Hart-SLSA Socio-Legal Book Prize 2011, and the Hart-SLSA Early Career Prize) http://www.birmingham.ac.uk/schools/law/staff/profile.aspx?ReferenceId=44749
* Antu Sorainen, Docent, Academy Fellow, University of Helsinki – a long-term scholar on law and queer sexuality, currently doing research on queer will-writing and legacies.

Gender Studies Discipline, Faculty of Philopsophy, History, Culture and Arts, University of Helsinki
SQS – The Society for Queer Studies in Finland
➢ Academy of Finland Research Project Wills and Inheritance Practices in Sexually Marginalised Groups