Main Results of Two International Surveys on Queer Inheritance Online!


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Wills and Inheritance in Sexually Marginalised Groups

This survey aimed to find out in which ways lesbians, gays and other sexually marginalised groups, as well as persons identifying as trans*, could get more and better information about the possibilities to arrange their inheritance – such as by writing a will or by other means – to benefit those people they choose. The purpose of the survey was to promote social justice and visibility of diversity in society.

The online survey was open 18.12.2015 – 29.1.2016

Distributed in English, Russian, Hungarian, Romanian, Swedish and Finnish

1007 respondents: 158 in English, 108 in Russian, 101 in Hungarian, 74 in Romanian, 56 in Swedish and 510 in Finnish (53,4% from Finland)

Roughly 40 % of the Finnish respondents identified as lesbian, 26% as gay, 20 % queer, 24 % bi, 10 % poly or non-monogamous, 8% straight, 7% other and 2 % asexual.

Lawyers On Inheritance Arrangements among Rainbow Clients

The online survey aimed both to find out what are the specific legal issues that the queer clients seek advice for from lawyers, and to raise consciousness among lawyers and legal experts of the importance of proper knowledge of the legal needs of the LBGTIQ clients.

The online survey was open 22.5.2017–22.6.2017

Distributed in English and Finnish

112 respondents from Finland (104), US (2), UK (2) and Australia (4)

* Published results are based mainly on the Finnish respondents’ answers

Full report forthcoming on this site from Spring 2018!

Principal Investigator:

Dr Antu Sorainen, Academy of Finland Fellow, Docent, University of Helsinki, Department of Philosophy, History, Cultures and Arts. Contact info: antu.sorainen(at)

Assistant Manager:

M.Soc.Sci, Anna Heinonen, Doctoral Student, University of Helsinki, SKY Doctoral Program. Contact info: anna.m.heinonen(at)


Academy of Finland research project Wills and Inheritance Arrangements in Sexually Marginalised Groups (277203)

Academy of Finland research project Contrasting and Re-imagining Margins of Kinship – CoreKin (297957)

Thanks to:

Legal advisors: Professor Daniel Monk, Birkbeck Law School, UK; Professor Davina Cooper, Kent University Law School, UK; Professor Rosie Harding, Birmingham Law School, UK; Professor Marie-Andree Jacob, Keele Law School, UK; Professor Margaret Davies, Flinders University Law School, Australia; LLM, Solicitor Naomi Metz, Santa Rosa, US; LLM, Solicitor Siôn Hudson, Cambridge, UK; LLM, Attorney-at-Law, Trained on the Bench Hanna Rahikka, Legal Lounge, Helsinki, Finland; Professor Urpo Kangas, Helsinki University Law School; LLM; Attorney-at-Law, Trained on the Bench Ulf Månsson

The Association of Finnish Lawyers (Suomen Lakimiesliitto) / Mia Paju

Mary Morgan for her excellent work editing the summaries of the survey results. A lawyer by training, Mary provides native English revisions of academic texts. For more information, you can contact Mary at

The Baltic Sea Foundation funded research project Queer(y)ing Kinship in the Baltic Region at the Södertörn University/CBEES, Sweden (Dir. Ulrika Dahl, with PIs Joanna Mizielinska and Antu Sorainen)

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