Inheritance Taxation Discriminatory for Rainbow Families, Says A New Study

A median “queer inheritance” in Finland is 30 000e while biggest inheritances were received in Helsinki, according to the survey “Queer Wills and Inheritance”. An average ”Finnish inheritance” was about 80 000e in 2015. Less than 7% of people belonging to sexually marginalized groups have done inheritance tax planning, while less than 25% have written a will.

The launch takes place Tuesday 8 March 9am at the Helsinki University Porthania Press Café (Lehtisali P219, Yliopistonkatu 3).

Docent Antu Sorainen tells more about the study results. Professor Urpo Kangas (Law) comments on whether the inheritance taxation is discriminatory for co-parents in Rainbow Families and non-registered same-sex spouses.

Open for all. Coffee and refreshments are provided.

The online survey in English, Russian, Swedish, Romanian, Hungarian and Finnish was the 1st ever made on the subject. It adds important empirical data about real-life queer care and support relations in the discussion of lesbian and gay rights in different countries in the EU.

The study revealed that more than 63% of LGBT people consider that they do not know enough about the inheritance legislation to write a will or do other preparatory succession arrangements. 3 of 10 gay men have a will but only 2 of 10 lesbians. 9% of people in sexually marginalized groups have been involved in a fight about inheritance. In most cases these fights have been with siblings or other relatives, not parents.

The research was made by “Wills and Inheritance Practices in Sexually Marginalised Groups”, implemented by Academy Research Fellow, Dr. Antu Sorainen and MA Anna Heinonen. It was financed by the Academy of Finland and the Department of Philosophy, History, Culture and Art Studies at the University of Helsinki, Gender Studies Discipline.

The study resulted in 1007 respondents of whom 513 were from Finland. 

Dr. Sorainen has also collected a large database of personal interviews on family wealth histories and succession among LGBTQ people.

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