Christina Research Seminar and Queer Dialogue with Professor Rosie Harding.


Professor Rosie Harding presented the talk “Shouldering and Sharing the Burdens of Care: Relationality, Vulnerability and Dementia” on the Christina Research Seminar 12.4. at the University of Helsinki. 

In the talk, which is drawn from a larger monograph project, I explore carers’ experiences of the material, social andemotional investments involved in caring for a family member with dementia. I explore these through an interrogation of feminist care ethics and relational approaches to care, and take account of the antagonistic character of both care giving and care receiving to highlight the limitations of our conceptual understandings of care in terms of how caring relationships happen in the “real world”.I draw in perspectives from feminist literature addressing vulnerability and relationality to help to propose a way forward where care is not considered to be primarily the responsibility of the private family, but as a collective good and a collective responsibility.


The talk was followed by very interesting discussion after the seminar and by “Queer Dialogue” event that was organized next day.Professor Rosie Harding Professor Rosie (Birmigham Law School) and Docent Antu Sorainen (HU) discussed methodological pronlems in doing surveys on marginalised sexualities.


➢ Gender Studies Discipline, Faculty of Philopsophy, History, Culture and Arts, University of Helsinki

➢ SQS – The Society for Queer Studies in Finland

➢ Academy of Finland Research Project Wills and Inheritance Practices in Sexually Marginalised Groups