Antu Sorainen talked about Queer Wills at the Socio-Legal Society of Finland

Queer Wills and Inheritances Practices in Sexualy Marginalised Groups Survey results were discussed at the Socio-Legal Society of Finland, with Docent Antu Sorainen, Professor of Civil Law Urpo Kangas, and Solicitor Ulf Månsson on 18th of October 2016 (House of Sciences, Helsinki)..
The main point was that if we’ll analyse what kind of kinship ideology the inheritance legislation is built on (in particular, the unjust and hierarchical inheritance tax categories in Finland) we could better argue why and what kind of normative kinship and family structures it supports in the society.

Prof. Kangas agreed that it is realistical to demand for more just taxation.
The solicitor with a long-term experience with queer customers, Ulf Månsson told that in his clientele more gays than lesbians wrote wills (which is also our survey result) and that many couples had to visit him several times bc he always asked them to think what are their wishes once the both partners will be dead. He underlined the importance of the right formula of the will to avoid unwished legal concequences after the testator has passed.